On-the-Job Training

You Hire. You Train. We Pay. Qualifying businesses can receive a reimbursement for partial training costs when they agree to hire and train an eligible worker.

How it works:

  1. -

    Call your local Labor office

  2. -

    Complete the worksheet

  3. -

    Let us prep the potential employee

  4. -

    You train employee while on-the-job

  5. -

    Let us briefly visit worksite

  6. -

    Submit your invoice for payment

What is on-the-job training?

  • Funds to offset training costs
  • An opportunity to train employees your way
  • An investment in your company

How do I know if my business qualifies?

  • Your job opening is year-round and full-time.
  • Your company has low employee turnover.
  • It pays a liveable wage.
  • Your company realizes the benefit of investing in hands-on employee training.

Call us at one of our local offices to verify your business qualifies


Who are considered eligible workers?

  • Recently laid off individuals.
  • Job seekers newly entering the workforce.
  • Recent veterans returning to civilian life.
  • Skilled workers seeking an occupational change.
  • Others. Call to find out if a job seeker you have in mind is eligible.

We can screen an applicant you want to hire and notify you if the individual qualifies OR we can refer a pre-screened applicant to you.


What’s the process?

  • Call us at one of our local offices to have your business and job opening pre-screened over the phone.
  • Complete our one-page worksheet to find out your reimbursement.
  • Allow us to connect with your potential employee by phone to determine eligibility. One of our workforce consultants will complete all the paperwork for the employee's enrollment and prepare the contract for you to sign. This must happen prior to the first day of work.
  • Employee is trained on the job.
  • One of our workforce consultants will complete a short worksite visit during the contract period.
  • Submit your invoice for payment.

How long does it take to set up the contract?

Just a few business days depending on the employer/employee response time. Remember, the contract must be set up before the employee’s first day of work.


Can I choose who to hire or do you send me someone?

It’s your choice. Send us someone to pre-screen for you, or ask who we might already have available to interview.


Who pays the employee during the training period?

You do. We help pay the training costs for the employee you've hired.


How is the reimbursement calculated?

Reimbursement is based on wage level and training difficulty as determined by the Department of Labor.


When do I receive the training reimbursement?

Submit an invoice to receive payment within approximately three weeks.


How do I apply?

Contact one of our local offices to see if your business qualifies. The application process is simple and notification is quick.