Sponsoring apprenticeships help close the skill gaps in many industries by providing a pipeline of skilled workers with industry-specific training and hands-on experience.
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Registered Apprenticeship is a national and state program with 29,000+ apprenticeship programs providing education and training to 500,000+ apprentices. Registered Apprenticeship operates in cooperation with state agencies, employers, educational institutions and others. Get started below.

Building a Registered Apprenticeship with your business has many advantages - for you and for your employees. Investing in Registered Apprenticeship means a commitment to the future success of your organization.

Benefits for your bottom line

Registered Apprenticeship programs aid in recruiting new personnel, and often support the activities of your human resources department. Investing in the future of your employees can strengthen their loyalty to your company. Teaching employees new skills and providing incremental raises increase productivity, decrease turnover and save your company money spent on training. In addition, Registered Apprenticeship will help your employees become nationally certified, which will ensure a quality product and knowledgeable employees.

Business-driven, customizable program

The Office of Apprenticeship will work with you to create a flexible training program appropriate for your business. Registered programs range in size from one apprentice to hundreds depending on the employer. As your workforce needs change, we will help you adjust your training curriculum or design a new program if necessary.

Financial incentives

By creating a Registered Apprenticeship program, your business may qualify for state tax benefits or other financial support. Many employers experience strong returns on investments after partnering with us.

Opening doors to networking

Program sponsors of registered apprentices are part of a nationwide network of 250,000 employers in 1,000 occupations. Learn best practices from leading training programs.

To learn more about the program in Idaho or to become a sponsor with Registered Apprenticeship contact:

William Kober, State Director
U.S. Department of Labor
Office of Apprenticeship
1387 S Vinnell Way #110
Boise, Idaho 83709

Phone: (208) 321-2973
Fax: (208) 321-2978

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Questions about apprenticeships in Idaho?

For more information contact:

John Russ | Area Manager
Idaho Department of Labor
Phone (208) 364-7785 ext. 3303