What happens after I submit my request for an appeals hearing?

Appeals are processed in the order they are received. When the Appeals Bureau gets your appeal, they will gather documents to be used in your hearing. Then, you will be mailed a Notice of Telephone Hearing packet at least 7 days before the hearing. This packet will include the day and time of the hearing and the issues that will be discussed.

How soon will the hearing be held?

Hearings are held as soon as the Appeals Bureau’s calendar will allow. The Appeals Bureau should contact you within 2-6 weeks after you file your appeal. If you don’t hear from them, please call (208) 332-3572.

After I receive my Notice of Telephone Hearing, what do I need to do?

  1. Review the information in your packet.
  2. If a document you need for your hearing isn’t in your packet, send a copy to the Appeals Bureau. Make sure all other interested parties have a copy, too.
  3. Read and follow the instructions.
  4. If you have questions, call the Appeals Bureau at (208) 332-3572.

What happens in the hearing?

Hearings are held over the phone. Each party is first mailed a Notice of Telephone Hearing. This has the date and time of the hearing and a PIN number to access the hearing. In the hearing, the hearing officer will identify who is present and explain the hearing procedures. The issues will be explained and each of the submitted exhibits will be identified. Each party may object to exhibits submitted to the hearing. The parties will be sworn in. Each party may testify and call other witnesses. The hearing officer will begin by asking questions of each witness and then allow each party to also ask questions of each witness. Once the parties have put their testimony on the record, each party can respond. Each party can make a final argument or statement. The hearing will then end.

May I contact the hearing officer before or after the hearing?

No. You may not have contact with the hearing officer outside the recorded hearing.

I don’t have a telephone to use for the hearing. What can I do?

All hearings happen over the phone. It is your responsibility to attend the hearing on a working telephone. The hearing won’t end if you lose your connection. You must find a reliable phone for the hearing even if you don’t own one. You may contact your local Idaho Department of Labor office and make plans to use a phone there. You can call from anywhere to attend the hearing.

What if I need an accommodation?

The Appeals Bureau will help with your speech, hearing, language or other accommodations. Call to set up what you need at (208) 332-3572, or email appealsmail@labor.idaho.gov .

Will an interpreter be provided during my hearing if requested?

Yes. The Appeals Bureau will provide an interpreter for you during the hearing if needed. Ask for an interpreter for your language before the hearing. Please call the Appeals Bureau as soon as possible at (208) 332-3572.

Do I need an attorney to represent me during the hearing?

No, you don’t need representation in the hearing. However, you may have an attorney or other adult represent you if you choose. You must arrange for representation before the hearing if you want it. If an attorney will be representing you, let the Appeals Bureau know by calling (208) 332-3572.

Can a family member or friend be present with me during my hearing to assist me?

Yes. You can have someone help you during the hearing. However, that person cannot testify on your behalf.

If I cannot attend the hearing on the scheduled date, can it be postponed?

Possibly. If you need to postpone your hearing, you must call before the day of the hearing. If you want to postpone on the day of the hearing, you must ask the hearing officer when the hearing starts.

Can I provide witnesses for my hearing?

Yes. You may have witnesses testify at your hearing. However, the hearing officer will decide if witness testimony is needed. If you want to call witnesses during your hearing, it is your responsibility to prepare them. Make sure your witnesses are available on the date and time of the hearing. Give their phone numbers to the Appeals Bureau for contact.

Is it necessary to subpoena witnesses for my hearing?

You can ask the Appeals Bureau to issue a subpoena if you can’t get a witness or document you need. You must request a subpoena as soon as possible. Send your request in writing. Include the name, address and phone number of the party involved. You must also explain why the witness or documents are needed for your case. The hearing officer will review your request and decide whether to issue the subpoena.

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