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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires states to approve training providers before funds can be used to pay for occupational training. Inclusion of training programs on the state eligible training provider list is in no way an endorsement by the Idaho Department of Labor or the Idaho Workforce Development Council.

Programs in basic skill training, basic computer software training, training in quality practices and general preparatory services are exempt from these requirements. WIOA participants will be able to access these services in accordance with federal and state program guidelines. WIOA participants should work closely with their career planner in identifying appropriate training options and in selecting appropriate training programs.

Search for eligible training providers

Other states’ eligible training provider lists can be accessed at CareerOneStop’s WIOA-Eligible Training Program Finder.

Reciprocal agreements are available with the following states:

WIOA Eligible Training Provider policy

The Idaho Department of Labor maintains the WIOA Eligible Training Provider list and determines eligibility of providers to receive WIOA funds. This minimum criteria is obtained during the application process. 

The Idaho Workforce Development Council, in its role as the WIOA Local Board, selects the training options available for WIOA Title I-B participants. Appendix A to the WIOA Eligible Training Provider Policy describes the methodology used by the Council to determine the programs of study allowable for occupational skills training in each part of the state.

A provider may be approved by the Idaho Department of Labor to receive federal funds, but denied as a WIOA Title I-B Eligible Training Provider due to its course offerings.

Reporting instructions for Idaho WIOA ETPs

Instructions and Templates for Private Entities:

Instructions and templates for Public Postsecondary Entities for reporting through the Idaho Office of the State Board of Education:

For more information, please submit your requests in writing to

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