How can you benefit from the Mentor Training Program?

Mentoring is a critical component in a successful apprenticeship. A good relationship with your mentee can open up opportunities for you both, such as:

  • Increased employee retention, saving your business time and money.
  • Access to innovative ideas, making your business more competitive.
  • Better collaboration between employees, helping your team succeed.
  • Active skill-sharing, helping your new mentee become confident and productive.

The program is comprised of nine modules, which explore critical skills to help you succeed as a mentor. Each section is online and can be completed on your own schedule.

To get the most out of your training experience, we recommend breaking the training up into three sessions, with some time in between to consider what you’ve learned. We also recommend you take no more than three days to complete all sections.

 Module NumberEstimated Time to CompleteModule Title
Session 1

38 min
Module 112 minutesIntroduction to Mentorship
Module 28 minutesReverse Mentorship
Module 318 minutesUnderstanding Registered Apprenticeships
Session 2

44 min
Module 412 minutesChecking for Understanding
Module 520 minutesGiving Great Feedback
Module 612 minutesSolving Problems
Session 3

50 min
Module 715 minutesManaging Conflict
Module 825 minutesEquity at Work
Module 910 minutesReview and Certificate Download
  1. Do not close or refresh your training tab.
    • Closing the tab or window, refreshing the page, or pressing your browser’s back button before you complete the module will erase your progress.
  2. Use the same name and email every time you sign in.
    • This makes it easier to track your progress.
    • When you log in, make sure your email address is correct or you will not receive a confirmation message at the end of the section.
  3. You have two options to progress to the next section – Option 1:
    • You can click the “continue learning” link at the end of the section you just completed. This link will show up on the Thank You page in the same tab as your training once you have clicked submit 
Option 1: Link on Thank You Page Thank you for completing Section 1 screenshot Option 2: Link in Email email screenshot
  1. Resume your training using the links sent to your email – Option 2:
    • If you choose to take a break during your training, you can always pick up where you left off using the links within each confirmation email.
  2. Confirmation emails may take 30 minutes or more to send.
  3. Use the hyperlink at the top of each video page if you have trouble viewing any of the videos.
    • A new tab will open where you can view the video.
    • Once complete, you can return to your training.

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