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Use our secure online system to:

  • Pay taxes.
  • Report wages.
  • Manage account information.

Respond to Claims Online

Respond fast to benefit claims by enrolling in SIDES E-Response.

Employers must respond to benefit claims requests in seven days or they may be charged for any benefits paid before an appellate decision.

Locate and contact a tax representative, read the employer handbook on unemployment insurance and download required forms.

Get help with unemployment insurance

Idaho’s New Hire reporting law requires employers to report new employees to the Idaho Department of Labor within 20 days of the date of hire. 

Report your new hires

The standard rate is established by law and can vary depending on economic conditions and the size of the employment security fund. 

View current tax rate information

Tax fraud depletes the trust fund and drives up unemployment insurance tax rates for businesses. Let us know if you suspect someone is committing fraud. 

Contact us

It’s easy. It saves money. And benefits everyone.

Reporting new hires, paying taxes on time, and keeping clear and consistent records are a few ways you can help reduce the rate.

Learn the 7 ways

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