State agencies often rely on final orders as precedent or they issue agency guidance documents to clarify existing statutes or regulations. Governor Little’s Executive Order for “Transparency in Agency Guidance” requires agencies to clearly state the guidance document is not a new law and provide a point of contact so the public can ask questions or provide input. It also requires every active agency guidance document to be posted on the agency’s website, organized in a way that is easy for the public to navigate.

Public records

Disclosure of confidential employment security information records.

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Workforce Information and Opportunity Act

Governs the public workforce system and reauthorizes several federally funded workforce development programs.

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Employment services

The Wagner-Peyser Act of 1933 established a nationwide system of public employment offices to facilitate the functioning of the nation’s labor markets. Each state administers a public labor exchange system that provides services to all employers and job seekers, broadly referred to as Employment Services. It includes an array of programs, such as those offering information and services to unemployment insurance claimants, veterans, and migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

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Unemployment insurance benefits

Benefits, rights and responsibilities.

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Serve Idaho

Administers AmeriCorps State funding as provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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Human Rights Commission

The Commission does not produce or maintain any official written agency guidance or interpretation of state law, but additional information on court rulings, statutes and federal guidance can be found on the agency website.

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Disability Determination Services

These websites include all public facing laws, rulings, regulations, Federal statutes, policies, and procedures related to the Social Security Administration’s disability program.

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