Job Seekers: If and When Should You Disclose a Disability?

Most employment experts advise not to reveal a disability on a résumé. The purpose of a résumé is to get an interview by showcasing your talents and skills to do the job.

Deciding if and when to disclose at any other time depends on several factors, especially if you will need an accommodation on the job.

Many resources can help you decide:

Employers: Applicants with Disabilities – Can I Request Disability Related Information?

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not allow employers to ask questions about disability or request medical examinations until after they make a conditional job offer. But there are resources to guide employers.

About Job Accommodations – A Job Seeker’s View

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities unless it would create an undue hardship such as cost, disruption or altering the nature of the workplace.

Sometimes, special equipment can make a job easier to do. Other times a change in how a job is done may be a good idea. The employee or job applicant is responsible for requesting reasonable job accommodations for a disability, but usually the employer and individual work together to choose the best option. Several resources can provide valuable information:

About Job Accommodation – An Employer’s View

Understanding how to accommodate workers with disabilities is essential for employers to be disability-inclusive and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are many resources to help employers – from interviewing, hiring and accommodating people with disabilities to thriving with a diverse workplace. Some of these include:

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