Finding and getting an apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeships are paid positions with on-the-job training and formal education. Completing one will lead to a nationally recognized certificate and personal connections that will benefit your entire career. Searching and applying for apprenticeships is similar to looking for a job.

Career exploration

Learn how your skills and interests translate into a career.


Have an idea of the career you're looking for? Get to the heart of the job duties, expected pay and required education or training for jobs that interest you. Veterans can see how their most recent military position translates into a civilian career.

Go to JobScape

Future Findr

Unsure where your career is headed? Take a fun, short quiz about your skills and interests, and find out how they might translate into a rewarding career.

Take a Quiz

Apprenticeship search

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When you are ready to look for an apprenticeship, use to find openings in Idaho.

Cover letters, resumes and applications

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Apprenticeships are competitive. Your application — your first “introduction” to the company — needs to stand out.


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After you make a list of finalists, it’s time to interview. Being prepared will set your mind at ease. Think about what an employer needs to know about your skills, abilities and career aspirations. Take some time to consider possible questions.

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